Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK

15 a Victoria Road, London, NW6 6SX
Tel.0207 328 3314

Registered Charity No. 1040280
Ramana Maharshi fresco
In the inmost core, the Heart
Shines as Brahman alone,
As 'I - I', the Self aware.
Enter deep into the Heart
By search for Self, or diving deep
Or with breath under check.
Thus abide ever in Atman.
(Ramana Gita, ch.ii, v 2)

The Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK is a registered charity. An elected committee guides the Foundation. Members endeavour to live by Bhagavan's teaching faithfully, without the Intrusion of personalities, and to practise Self-enquiry and surrender in all circumstances of our everyday lives. You are most welcome to ring us and visit, to look at books or talk of sadhana.


Monthly Satsangs are held on the second Saturday of each month at Friends Meeting House, 120 Heath Street, Hampstead, Northwest London from 1.30 - 5.30pm, consisting of bhajans, talks on Ramana's teaching, silent meditation together, readings, tea and discussion. An Additional Satsang is held on the final Saturday of each month. These will be permanently housed in the Library at Friends Meeting House commencing at 2:00 pm on a devotional theme, with readings, a talk, discussion, chanting and tea, presided over by different members. Please ring Sarah Farrand or Alasdair Black for address etc. (+44 (0)020 8398

Michael James will lead/take part in the Satsang on the 13th September 2014

Silent Meditation Satsang Invitation

There will be a Silent Meditation Satsang for Ramana Devotees to be held every Thursday evening from 7:00pm ( please arrive at 6:45) at Studio E, ground floor flat,49 the Avenue, Brondesbury Park, London NW6. The satsang will consist of two 45 minutes of silent meditation with one short reading from Sri Bhagavan's Teachings. Tea will be served. All are welcome. Further enquiries to Alasdair Black.

Study Group

A group of devotees meet every other Tuesday evening to to study the Core Texts of Sri Ramana's Teachings. We are currently going through 'The Supplement to the Forty Verses'. Please contact Alasdair Black if you are interested in joining (020 7328 3314 or Aldia@waitrose.com).


The Journal, "SELF ENQUIRY", which was published two - four times each year by the Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK between 1993 and March 2004, has now ceased publication. Contributors included Robert Adams, Ramesh Balsekar, Douglas Harding, Catherine Ingram, Francis Lucille and David Frawley, along with others among our own members. A large stock of back numbers is available. These may be purchased at £5 each, including postage.

The Newsletter provides a diary of teachers who are visiting the UK, as well as items of topical interest and a notice board. This continues to be published three times per year.


The annual subscription (which entitles you to receive 3 Newsletters annually) is £15; overseas £17 (or USD 26). Please add £5 if not in sterling. Remittances should be payable to 'Sri Ramana Foundation' and sent to Ken Maskey, 77 Leybourne Road, London E11 3BS giving your full name and address, phone number & email address if any.


MOUNTAIN PATH SUBSCRIPTIONS can now be paid directly via the portal at http://worldstore.sriramanamaharshi.org

There are a number of E-Groups that discuss the teaching of Ramana Maharshi. In particular, the RamanaMaharshi group can be recommended. For those seriously wishing to pursue the technique of Self Enquiry, there is also a specialist group at Harsha Satsangh.

Alan Jacobs now has a Page on Face Book especially designed for those practicing the teaching: Alan Jacobs Advaita Vedanta

There are many websites that contain information about the teaching. The principal of these is Sri Ramanasramam.

YogaLiving, a non-residential Spiritual Community based in the South West, is dedicated to living the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi and the practice of Atma Vichara in everyday life. A full programme of satsangs, retreats, talks, days and events is available at www.yogaliving.co.uk

Satsangs are held by Nandini Bishop in Buckfast, Devon. For further information please ring 01364 644430 or email nandinigrace@gmail.com.


Initial enquiries regarding the work of the
Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK
should be made to Sarah Farrand
Tel.+44 (0)020 8398 0193

The chairman, Alasdair Black, or deputy chair, Sarah Farrand, may be contacted via the above telephone number or, for any questions relating to the organisation, via email. Alan Jacobs is the elected President.

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